Saturday, April 10, 2010

Report From Arkansas

Just back from a great week in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Joe and I flew in to check out my parents' new digs in a retirement village. We were impressed! Their new home is a 1200 square foot "cottage" with lots of windows and sunshine. Beautiful surroundings with lovely trees and gardens, nice neighbors with a wide range of life experiences, delicious meals in the central dining room and, best of all, a 24 hour ice cream machine! (Choice of chocolate or vanilla in unlimited quantities.)

My mother is thinking of starting a blog called "Life in Our Nineties" which will focus on my parents' daily life and activities, thoughts and opinions, and much, much more. Sounds good, heh?! I'll post the site when she gets it going...


  1. Your mother is just amazing! Please do post. I plan to need lessons for my 90s.

  2. It is I'll put it in a new post.

  3. Correction: My Mom's blog is