Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Own Personal Torture Chambers

So, for years now, Cynthia Evans and I have done early morning "walkies." This means we pull ourselves out of our beds most mornings at a horribly early time to spend an hour walking at a very fast clip up, down, and around huge, steep hills. For our health. We've become really good at it, which means we never need to stop for breath or slow our pace. We can even converse on the uphills. We can admire the fresh morning air and sky.

So, recently, we decided to up the ante a bit. (It was Cynthia's big idea.) She said, "Let's add the exercise stations to our regime." And without fully thinking it through, I said, "OK."

And that is how we discovered that our upper body muscles haven't gotten the attention they deserve. OUCH!

And on top of that, there is the pride issue. Simply put, it is embarrassing to fail in public.

But we aren't quitters. And with time, we will overcome!


  1. Do you remember when you did have to stop for breath on the hills? I don't know what your definition of "fail" is here, but I say you've succeeded by taking the first step.

  2. Good point, Cathy! Thanks! By the way, even on day two using these exercise stations, we did better than day one.