Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Screenprint In Progress

I've been working this week on a new screenprint based on a "John Cage" approach to making imagery: Each layer is created from a scramble of paper shapes thrown on top of a photo-emulsion coated screen before being exposed. For example, one layer is created from a variety of remains from my on-going collage series combined with leftover circles from a three-hole punch. Another layer is made from long strands of paper thin enough to twist and curve in interesting ways. A third layer is made of cutouts from a vintage sheet of press-on letters - the kind we all had to use before computerized typefaces made creating text easy.

Plus, by printing with transparent inks, each layer shows through all the other layers printed on top and multiple mixed colors are generated where layers overlap.

Here is layer one:

Layer two:

And layer three:

This week, I hope to complete the print with three or four more layers of imagery.... if I'm pleased with the results, I'll post the final print. And if not, you'll never hear reference to this post again!


  1. You know, after regularly reading another blog (, I look at this and know that there are people who would buy fabric printed like this. (And there are custom fabric printing sites...)

    I realize it's not done. Just saying. There are people (and I run across quite a few in the business I'm in) who are fascinated by fonts.

  2. I think your idea is a good one and that these designs would work well on fabric. Maybe I'll try them out. I've been trying to think of something to screenprint on multiple small squares for a quilt, so you've given me something to think about. Thanks!