Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Letterpress Project

The first project for the letterpress class I'm taking this month is a one-color print involving type and image. I've been working on a lino cut, above, of a boat at sea, which will be combined with text for a New Year's card. On Monday, if I assemble and space the type pieces together correctly, I'll be ready to print before the end of class.

That is one project I've been focused on this week. The other project is preparing for the printmaking classes I'll teach beginning August 16th. My prep activity involves a final review of the updated syllabi, organizing handouts, and preparing the demos for the first class sessions. One of the first projects for the intaglio group is monoprinting. I love monoprints but haven't done any for a while. So, this weekend, I hope to refresh my memory by creating a few monoprints in my studio at home. That will remind me about the sequence of steps and any extra pointers to mention when I show the class how to do them. It is always better to do a good demo rather than a bumbly, unsuccessful one, as you can imagine. We teachers call those "demos from hell."

So, wish me luck for "demos from heaven" this fall!

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