Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Examples of the Work of Hannelore Baron

Hannelore Baron said of her work: "Technically, my collages are made of rice paper and/or cloth that have been drawn on with etching or India ink and at times contain printed images or areas of patterned cloth. Accidents are incorporated and appreciated, in the form of spots, creases or torn areas. The overall impression must be that of a spontaneous but preserved and cared-for work. The thoughts and feelings that underlie the collages are those of concern with the social issues and problems of the century, as well as the precariousness of existence at any time.

...I can only add that I have always worked only for my own satisfaction and if the work is shown and accepted it is a wonder and coincidence to me because it was never intended for that."

 - from the book Hannelore Baron: Collages & Box  Constructions assembled by the Barbara Mathes Gallery and the Manny Silverman Gallery.


  1. Veiled and mysterious, the creative sprit is a wondrous thing,
    Unleashed, it rings true, accidents and all.

  2. The more I see the things you have recently posted, the more I realize the real thing is doing what is in you. Regardless of the grade, comments, etc. If it speaks so you - go do it. hmmm - now to GO practice THAT! Great series of posts. Thanks!