Friday, January 15, 2010

Beautiful Drypoints

The first assignment in our Intaglio class is to create a drypoint print. A drypoint is made by using a variety of etching tools to scratch lines and textures directly into a flat copper or zinc plate, much like drawing on paper but requiring more pressure.

At the end of Wednesday night's drypoint demo, the students began trying out the tools on a test plate, a way to practice and experiment before working on their own plates. After everyone has the chance to add something, we'll print the plate as part of the printing demo next week. Each student can then see how his or her contribution came out and we'll also have a finished group print - a record of our experience together.

The following three drypoint prints are the results of previous class groups. In each of these examples, it is remarkable to me how well the individual contributions came together as a cohesive and interesting whole.


  1. I agree! And so interesting to see a collaborative piece come out so well! Great idea for learning how to use etching tools.

  2. Thanks, Expats Again! I'll post our new group dry point after it is printed next week. Thanks, too, for your great blog. I love it.