Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little High Mindedness for the New Year

I don't think these things would hurt: sincerity, striving for our best, contributing what we can to the world, working hard, thinking creatively, finding our way. So, these are my goals for 2010.

Also, I'd like to learn how to use my iPod Touch.

Last night, Joe and I met our good friends, Debra and John Grace, for dinner at Trattoria Limone, the terrific Italian restaurant in our neighborhood I've mentioned before in this blog. Our strategy was to meet at 6, before the masses arrived, and it worked. We had a wonderful meal and lots of good conversation. When we left at about 8, all tables were full and many people were waiting in a happy, festive mood. I'm happy to see Trattoria Limone doing so well.

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