Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home For Sale in Portland, Oregon

Our friends Mar and Virginia are selling their beautiful home in Portland so they can retire to the countryside. I've not been inside, but the pictures show a real beauty. See more views and get information by going to Oregon RMLS and clicking on "ML Number Search" in the upper left side of the window. Type in 10005743.

What is the asking price of this beautiful, 2691 square foot craftsman style house? Could it possibly be under a couple million? under $850,000? even under $500,000? YES!!! The asking price is a mere $339,000.


  1. Now I wish I lived in Portland, it's lovely. And a steal at that price!

  2. Yes, Expats Again, Portland is wonderful. We've visited quite a few times with our future retirement in mind. That house in So Cal would indeed be at least a million...

  3. This looks very much like houses in the neighborhood where my brother-in-law used to live. Love it!