Monday, September 13, 2010

An Amazing Story

Notice anything unusual about the woman on the right? Like the fact that she is wearing a back brace? That is Michelle Napoli, member of my screenprinting class. Less than a week ago, she broke her back in a water accident. Christine, her cousin and the woman on the left, pulled her out of the water and got  aid. Between then and now, Michelle has had two surgeries, up and walking the day after each one. Kristine came with Michelle to class tonight to help out. But did Michelle need it? Nope. She was printing all evening with the best of 'em. Remarkable!


  1. There are several amazing items in this story. Which one are you talking about? ;)


  2. Unfortunately, my doctor has since advised against that much activity. I miss class very much and hope to finish my prints before too long. My cousin Christine is my hero and we will be back to make art even if it isn't this semester.

  3. So sorry we'll miss out on having you in class for a while, Michelle. You and Christine are welcome back any time. Mend well!