Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Update

I was asked by several people whether I'd accomplished all I'd set out to in the studio over the long weekend. Well.... no. So, here is my report (confession) on what got done and what didn't in the order I listed the projects on Thursday:

1. Finishing touches (signature, labels on the back, etc) for the 32 collages called Six by Six: Meditations: I did nothing, nada. Well, I did shuffle them around a bit. I think I'm stymied because I can't figure out how to order and number them. I see them as a "mix and match" series in which two, three or four of them can be grouped in any of a number of ways. Yet, they have to appear in some sort of sequence on my website at least. So, I feel like there is some importance to how they are numbered.

2. Here is where I spent most of my studio time. These are the asphaltum covered zinc plates that I'm incising images into, readying them for their first (of several) acid baths. The one on the left is ready to go. I've got to finish the background on the other. This work - just one step of the intaglio process - takes lots of careful time and thought, yet I find it very enjoyable and relaxing.

3. The sketch book is finished... red coil added by Kent at Office Depot. It is a blank slate, as they say, on the inside. I'll keep detailed procedural notes in it for my intaglio plates as they develop. Nice to have a special place to keep such records.

4. and 5. No activity on either of these projects. I won't even mention what they were, due to chagrin. If you really want to keep track, you'll have to look back at Thursday's post.

6. The ivory soap needs a second week to dry, so those cakes must wait a bit longer before grating into small flakes to make soap soap ground. So, I successfully left them alone to do their thing.

7. The box from Daniel Smith: I opened it and put away the two new cans of etching ink. (It is always a good strategy to include quick projects in one's to-do list.)

An unanticipated project came to happy fruition. Joe installed the pegboards we saved from the pre-renovated studio. They are perfect over the sink! After he finished, I put all my brayers and squeegees onto their new home. Beautiful, heh?!

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