Saturday, September 25, 2010


My stepfather loves flowers and has supplied my Mother and their household with weekly bouquets for years. So, it seemed like a natural, of course, to send him some while he is recuperating in the hospital.
I googled "Hot Springs florists" and called one yesterday. When a woman answered the phone, I said, "I'd like to order some flowers to be delivered to St. Joseph's Hospital." The woman replied, "OK, we can do that. Why don't we start with the name of the patient." I responded, "His name is Robert Shuff and he is in room nu...." She interjected, "Oh! You mean Bob?? He is in ICU today and ICU does not allow flowers. But he'll be moved tomorrow and then we can deliver." I said, "But I thought..." and she said, "No, honey, they had to wait an extra day for his room to be ready. But he's sure looking forward to getting out of ICU." How about that?!


  1. Love it! And don't you like getting a report from an unexpected source?