Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Show Coming to the Armory

A retrospective of the work of Pasadena-based artist Steve Roden will open this week at the Armory. His work is all over the map: painting, drawing, sculpture, film and sound art. Should be an exciting show to see. You can check out more work at his website and read a great interview and story in yesterday's L.A. Times.


  1. "... the poetic potential of physical objects," eh? There is an affinity between you and Roden, it seems.

    Most interesting elements of the L.A. Times article you link to are:
    1) His reference to John Cage and how "...he works from predetermined systems that generally involve the translation of information from a source material into another medium..."
    2) The interaction of his " own intuition, the information and the thing that's being made."
    3) Averse to doing anything conceptual, he says "I want to be in that place where the monk has to continue to sweep the steps before he gets to go to the next place."
    4) "I was going back to the thing and engaging it physically, using it to suggest physical actions."
    5) While a 'process guy,' Roden maintains that the objects, in an of themselves are what's important. He says, "... the things I make, they need to be seen (or heard) and they need to have their own voice, and you should want to converse with them outside of my own concerns."

    From your Web site statements, I guess that Roden sounds very much like you. Thanks for sharing. RCH

  2. Richard, what a lovely connection you suggest. I feel very honored. Thank you, thank you!