Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working, Swimming, Singing

My busy work schedule was crammed into the first three days of this week but today and tomorrow are all mine! Just got back from a great swim in the outdoor pool at the fitness center. The pool was busy. Beside the lap lanes, a water aerobics class was in high gear and swimming lessons were going on in a corner spot. Now, I'm headed to the studio to continue working on those etching plates I've mentioned.

Doing my laps this morning, a great swim memory from a few years ago came to mind: It was a foggy, cool, rainy Sunday afternoon and I was the only person in the pool (for reasons I can't at all fathom). The life guard, to keep from falling asleep during such light duty, I assume, began walking around the outside of the pool singing! Blues, jazz and opera. He had a great voice and it was wonderful to listen to him in the middle of all that atmosphere.


  1. How wonderful! (Although my ears are usually blocked by hair and water and I don't hear much of anything unless it's underwater.) A few times recently I've walked out to the pool when somebody was playing opera, and I wondered why but enjoyed it until I buried my head in the water.

    For years, for a reason that I never determined, I would find myself thinking about New York in the 1940s while I was swimming. (Not that old and have been in NY only twice.)

    I like your blog entries about art, too, you know - just less to say :)

  2. How curious! Do you think your NY/40's thoughts were a meditation of sorts?