Sunday, September 12, 2010

Over The Bridge

Norm Looney and Frankie Read hosted a potluck party this afternoon at Norm's in San Pedro. He lives in a big building that formerly was a bar and grill and now is a fabulous live/work space with a lush garden in back, thanks to Norm's aesthetic sense and hard work. The party was fun and I got to chat with friends I don't normally run into during my regular activities.

San Pedro and Long Beach are neighboring cities along this portion of the rugged California coastline but they are separated by a lot of ocean water and the L.A. and Long Beach Ports. So, I got to drive over the beautiful Vincent Thomas Bridge twice today, going to the party and coming home again. That's always a thrill because it curves high over the scene below and one gets a great view of the ocean and shipping yards.


  1. We stayed in San Pedro last summer when you and reunited. I loved the lines of the bridge and how the shipyards looked at night but was never in a position to catch them on camera. (Maybe you weren't, either, from the looks of the watermark.)

  2. I was afraid I'd end up in the water if I tried to take a picture while driving over. So, yes, found a picture on line. Yes, you are right, the night view is terrific, too. All those lights.